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Africa - An Incredible beginning!

The first moment I stepped foot on the continent of Africa I knew something was different. I had been to many other places to minister the Gospel up to that point, but never Africa. Mwanza Tanzania was our first place to preach, and looking back in hindsight I see how endebted I am to the Tanzanians. It was there that God narrowed my vision to soul evangelism, and it was the Tanzanians that called out of me my gifting. Oh how I would rewind the time if possible and relive these moments all over again, but this time knowing full well what God had up the road for me in so many nations of Africa. I also am endebted to my dearest friend Daren Downs for inviting me on this trip. Because of his invitation and belief in Gods call upon my life, I am here today. Thank God for the leadership of the Holy Spirit!

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