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Won't You Come Along Too?

In an age of global communication where nothing restricts the flow of information, you would think that the essential message of the Gospel has reached the far corners of the earth. Surely everyone has heard by now?! Unfortunately, that is not true. The total number of people that have never heard the Gospel is staggering. To be more precise, it is upwards to nearly 3.5 billion people. That is roughly half of the population of the earth. What can we do about it?


We can pray, give, send, and go.

There is no excuse; we all can play an active role in fulfilling

the great commission.


Without a doubt, prayer is the most effective tool in opening doors and preparing hearts before us, but without the partnership of financial backing behind it, boots on the ground becomes impossible. When we add our resource (small or great) to the cause of Christ, missionaries are sent, literature is printed, and the hungry are fed. Our desire to do something for the Kingdom must translate into a commitment of actually doing what we can!


Prayerfully consider partnering with us financially.

We can change the world together!


Whatever your passion is, you can join us by giving today!

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:



Pledge an ongoing monthly donation to Vessel of Honour Ministries.



Make a one-time donation to Vessel of Honour Ministries.



Round-Up your purchases to the next dollar by linking your debit/credit card.


By Mail

Give a donation through the mail whenever you like.


If you are unable to donate today, please be sure to sign up with us.

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