Upcoming Trips

Panajachel, Guatemala November 2017 – Trip Complete

In November we will travel back to Guatemala to be with Pastor Nery Estevez, the District overseer for three districts with the Church of God in Quetzaltenango. We will be in the city of Panajachel for a weekend geared towards ministers and their marriages. We will then travel to the city of Quetzaltenango and host a youth meeting on Friday night, host an open air meeting Saturday night in the downtown area to reach the lost, and then minister in the Sunday services in Pastor Nery’s Church. This trip will be a memorable one, because it is the first trip my father has ever taken with me on the mission field, along with two other friends that have never traveled outside of the country. May God proper our journey and give us souls for our labor!

Homa Bay, Kenya October 2017 – Trip Complete

In October I will travel to the nation of Kenya with some friends from the Adullam House, a ministry based in Alabama that serves and cares for children born to incarcerated parents. We will look at an orphanage and also see about the possibility of building an orphanage just outside of the city of Homa Bay. The Lord is continually expanding our borders, and we are so excited for the possibilities of what will come from this trip!

Keng Tung, Myanmar September 2017 – Trip Complete

In the month of September I will travel back to the nation of Myanmar to hopefully finish all construction on the orphanage and celebrate an early Christmas with the orphans as well. This trip is always a highlight of my year, and I pray that It will continue for many years to come! On this trip we will try and completely rewire the entire facility, bringing the electrical system up to spec. We will also build the closet wall in the boys room, along with ceilings above the boys and girls closet space to create privacy and also add storage space above. Pray that our journeying is safe, and that all the children are beyond blessed!

AIPC Kasese Uganda August 2017 – Trip Complete

In the month of August a team of pastors and missionaries will travel to the nation of Uganda to begin our very first Africa International Pentecostal Conference in the city of Kasese. We have a vision of bringing ministers of the Gospel from all over central and east Africa to converge together in a mighty conclave in the heart of Africa for a week of meetings. Men and women that we have ministered too in the nations of Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, and others will gather for one sole purpose, to glorify the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Pray with us that Heaven will descend upon us as we rejoice in the beloved!

Itineration with Crusade Director Ben Okello May 2017 – Trip Complete

In the Month of May, our African Crusade Director Ben Okello will travel to the United states for a period of one month and itinerate in several of our churches that stand with us financially to reach the lost. This will be an incredible time for both Ben and the team, a time not only to meet those that send us, but a time to build our network and structure our offices so that we might fulfill the will of God to the highest standard possible. Pray for safety as we travel, and for providence as we minister the Gospel across the nation!

Kiwanja, DR Congo Nov/Dec 2016 – Trip Complete

In December I will begin to travel to the nation of Congo for the first time to host a Pastors Conference and Crusade in the city of Kiwanja. The cry for the Gospel to penetrate the nation of Congo is great, and what I have heard is staggering. So many that carry the Gospel only do so to the nations capital or other major cities where the Gospel has already taken root, but so many forsake the villages and rural communities of Africa. It is there that we will carry the Gospel, to reach the unreached, and to tell them about Jesus. Pray with us that many will hear the Gospel for the first time, and multitudes would come to Jesus!

Keng Tung, Myanmar November 2016 – Trip Complete

In November I will once again travel to the nation of Myanmar to visit our orphanage there and to further the construction/remodel of the orphanage facility. Trips to see these children are always a highlight of my life and ministry. To see lives transformed by the power of the Gospel is what we live for! Please pray for safe travels and for much to be accomplished while we are there!

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala October 2016 – Trip Complete

Over the past few years we have been pouring into Pastor Nery Estevez and his congregation in Quetzaltenango. The church thrives with an active body of believers, but had ran out of room to grow. Together with three other churches from the USA we were able to help fund 50% of the expansion cost on their new church facility. We will travel to Guatemala in October to see the progress of the expansion and to host a two night Evangelistic meeting. Pray that all who travel with us and all that we meet might be highly blessed of the Lord!

Rwamagana, Rwanda, August 2016  – Trip Complete

In August we will head to the nation of Rwanda for the first time to host a Conference and Crusade in the city of Rwamagana, 45 minutes outside of the capital city of Kigali. Rwanda is known mostly for the horrific events that took place in 1994 most often referred to as the Rwandan genocide. Over 20 years ago, more than 800,000 people died in a battle between clans. Since then, Rwanda has become fertile soil in which to sow the Gospel. Help us pray that this might be a life changing event, not just for the people, but for us as well. Souls for the Kingdom!

 Bushenyi/Ishaka, Uganda April 2016 – Trip Complete

In April I will make my second journey back to the nation of Uganda. We will host a Pastors Conference and Crusade in the twin cities of Bushenyi & Ishaka in an effort to strengthen the church and reach the lost. Please pray that many lives are changed and that souls are won into the kingdom of God!

Kasese, Uganda December 2015 – Trip Complete

In December I will make my journey for the first time to the nation of Uganda. My crusade director, Ben Okello has worked extensively over the past 6 months to prepare for our meetings in Kasese. We will host a 4 day fire conference for pastors, and a 4 night crusade for the lost. We are anticipating up to ten thousand to be in attendance each night. Please pray that a multitude of souls will come to Christ!

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala October 2015 – Trip Complete

Last year we committed to Pastor Nery Estevez to raise 50% of the budget for his new sanctuary in Quetzaltenango. We will travel back to Guatemala this October to see the progress of the construction and to minister the Gospel. I will be traveling with a group of 11 men from different states in the USA. Please keep us in prayer as we believe the Lord for Souls to come into His kingdom!

Keng Tung Myanmar, September 2015 – Trip Complete

Each time a trip to Myanmar becomes possible I become very excited! 39 Orphans have stolen my heart in that part of the world, and it always is a joy to go and continue the reconstruction of the facilities there at the orphanage. This September we will travel there to build the girls a bunk bed much like we built the boys last year, in addition to adding a closet and installing a water tank/water purification system to provide pure water for the whole facility! Ill be excited to report, so be watching facebook!

Nairobi, Kenya March, April & May 2015 – Trip Complete

My family and I will make the long journey to the nation of Kenya for three full months of Ministry all over east Africa. Our prayer is that while we are there, multitudes of souls will come into the Kingdom of God. As Reinhard Bonnke has said so many times, “That we might Plunder Hell to Populate Heaven!” Please pray for us as we will immerse ourselves in a totally different culture and environment.

Nairobi, Kenya February 2015 – Trip Complete

I will be heading into the country of Kenya this February to make preparations for my family to move to the city of Nairobi for three months. The Lord has called all of us to position ourselves in east Africa to begin hosting Pastors Conferences and Crusades on a scale that we have never done before. This trip will be for the sole purpose of preparation of our future move to the country.

Kyiang Tung, Myanmar, November 2014 – Trip Complete

We first headed into Myanmar in February of this year, and what a door of ministry was opened to us during the 17 days we were there. Upon ministry, God allowed us to connect with an orphanage that had very little support. Over the past 9 months much has gone on there as we have built and developed the orphanage to give the children proper facilities to live in. I will be headed back to Myanmar to continue working on the orphanage, and to build bunk beds for the 39 children we have there. Pray for safe travels and for our families as we will be away from home during this time.

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala October 2014 – Trip Complete

In November 2013 I accompanied Daren Downs to the nation of Guatemala for the first time. The Lord led us to connect with a Pastor Nery Estevez in the city of Quetzaltenango, and we will be leading a team from several states in the USA to help construct a kitchen in his church, along with ministering in several churches across the region. Pray for safe travels, and much to be accomplished for the Kingdom!

Kenya, September 2014 – Trip Complete

In the month of September we will be traveling to Homa Bay, Kenya to meet up with Bishop Reuben Kyule for a Pastors Conference and Crusade. Please be in much prayer for our safety and travel as we head to East Africa once again to uplift the name of Jesus and encourage the Pastorate there who labor diligently to bring in an end time harvest!

Misungwi, Tanzania April 2014 – Trip Complete

This is a much anticipated trip! I have been longing to revisit the village of Misungwi since last April and Minister once again to the Pastors that come and the villagers that attend the crusades! It will be a trip to remember! Pray that as we go God might go before us and prepare the fields of harvest thatthe word of God might be planted in the hearts of those that hear. Also pray for the pastors that come from around the nation that they might leave with Great courage!

Bangkok, Thailand February 2014 – Trip Complete

For the past two years I have felt a sincere burden for the Karen (Ka-Rin) people, refugees from Burma living within the nation of Thailand in refugee camps. Many times I have been asked to accompany others into this country, but it never worked out. This February I will land in Thailand for the first time. The anticipation of this trip is overwhelming as I believe God for the miraculous amongst the Karen. Pray for us as we embark upon this new territory with the Gospel.

Guatemala City, Guatemala November 2013 – Trip Complete

I will travel with Bro Daren Downs to the nation of Guatemala to hold conferences for former School of Christ Students across the nation. Pray that as we go and regroup those that once were trained by Bro B.H. Clendennen that there might be a fire, a zeal rekindled in the hearts of the minsters that attend!

Port Au Prince, Haiti October 2013 – Trip Complete

During the Second week of October my Pastor and I will be leading a team of 12 to the broken nation of Haiti to rebuild a church in Port Au Prince. We will be laying over 1200 block to form the block walls of the church along with  ministering in the orphanage attached to the church building. We also will go out of Port Au Prince and visit a village called “little africa”, bringing food and clothing to the needy. Pray for this trip that those that accompany us will never be the same as they witness first hand what poverty is really like! Pray also for those we will be ministering to that they might be open and receptive to the Gospel.

Al-ghardaga, Egypt June 2013 – Trip Complete

In the second week of June I will be traveling to Al-ghardaga, Egypt to host a Pastors/Missions Conference for those that are currently reaching into the Arab world with the message of Christ. It will be an exciting time for us as we see men and women that previously were in Schools that we helped teach through the years of 2011 and 2012. God is moving in the middle east, and raising up missionaries within their own lands to reach their own people. This is the Missionary Method, to help equip those to reach their own. Please keep us in prayer as we venture to this unstable nation to bring the Gospel once again.

Mwanza, Tanzania April 2013 – Trip Complete

On April 2 we will take our journey back to the land of Tanzania, a country seated in the eastern side of the continent of Africa. Last year while I was ministering there with Bro Daren Downs, Pastor Curtis McGehee and Bro Sean Boils, the Tanzanians stressed the importance of us coming back to hold crusades amongst their people. God Has lead us in that direction and we are heading back to hold both a Pastors Conference and open air crusades in the evening. Pray that as our voices boom across the landscape of that country that men and women young  and old would come to know our great Savior!

Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia  February 2013 – Trip Complete

On Fubruary 4th We will head to the country of Georgia with my dear friend Daren Downs in an effort to see about planting a Church in the Capital City of Tbilisi. Its always exciting when the opportunity arises to see yet another indigenous church planted to further spread the light of the Gospel around the world.

Port Au Prince, Haiti October 2012 – Trip Complete

On October 8th we will head to the small country of Haiti with a team from our church in Bristol Tennessee, partnering with Bro John Kimball from Patterson Louisiana to rebuild a church just out side of Port au Prince that crumbled in the earthquake in 2010. This will be a time of rebuilding, not only the structure of a building, but hope in the lives of a people who have been ravished by one of the deadliest earthquakes in history.

Egypt, September 2012 – Trip Complete

I will be headed back to Egypt on August 31 to Preach a Missions Conference for three days with those called from Egypt into the mission field of the Middle east. Please be in prayer over these few days that we will have with these students as they embark upon an almost impossible task, taking the Gospel to a muslim world. After the conference we will be holding a School of Christ there with another 30 hungry students from around the country! May God visit us again in these last days!