Luke 12:48 reminds us " For unto whomsoever much is given , of him shall be much required : and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more."

As I look across the vast landscape of Christianity here in the west, I am enamored with the ease of access we have to so many resources, fellowships and Christian communities. One would wonder why any ministry fails for lack of content or context, with so much readily available at our disposal. Though this may be true in the west, it is certainly not true in the heart of Africa. Most ministries found in rural areas across the jungles of the continent are hurting. Many preachers don't even have a complete bible, they just know what they Gospel did to them, and they are bound and determined to tell someone else.

It is on this wise that we have decided to gather all men and women from across denominational lines, and bring them together for a conference that they might never forget.

We want to equip them to do the work of the ministry, to edify the body of Christ, and to have the proper tools and know how to evangelize the lost in their own communities. I have been given so very much, I must give back to those that have very little.

In an effort to help pastors in rural areas, VOHM has an ongoing outreach in each pastors conference we host (depending on the nation) to seek and find those unfortunate pastors and leaders, and provide them with a Gospel Bicycle to help them spread the Gospel. For more information on how you can provide a Pastor with a bicycle, click here.

We also have a burden to equip them with the word of God! So many do not have adequate bibles, and some don't have one at all. To help a pastor receive a Bible, click here for more information.