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Hey hey hey from Bangkok Thailand! We finally made it after two long flights across the Pacific ocean and then down across South East Asia, only to discover once we arrived in Bangkok that our bags stayed in South Korea! So our trip is a few hours behind schedule, but it has been great none the less!
We are about to board our flight from Bangkok to Chaing Rai, where we will meet up with Ko Aung and eventually our luggage, and then head across the border of Myanmar. I cant wait to see the children again! Stay posted as I will post again as soon as possible!
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Vessel Of Honour MinistriesStay safe brother can't wait for the videos of the kids, y'all don't need your luggage your only there about 10 days lol

1 day ago

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Betty DelintBe careful in Myanmar not very pleasant there right now .God be with you at this time .

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Kasey RinkAddy said "that's my uncle wendell!" Lol be safe!

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Christina BurseyYou got good luck with the bags anyway! Lol 😂 glad you are safe and sound even if you don't have luggage

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Carol HowseGod bless all of you ...Take care...

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Kasey RinkPraying for all of you!!

1 day ago   ·  1

Erin HowseSo glad yall are safe so far can't wait to see what God is going to do through y'all!! Wendell Noah said you look cool in the video lol

1 day ago

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Now wait a minute, this is Jesus talking. Doesn't it say in 1 Corinthians 14:33: For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. And in John 14:27: Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it not be afraid. And also John 16:33: These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. It sounds like a contradiction but we know there is no contradictions in the bible. When Jesus said, "I have not come to send peace to the earth but a sword," what is the sword? The sword is the Word of God and when a man or woman accepts the gospel of Christ he is a new creature and no longer has things in common with the unrighteous and the children of disobedience. Jesus said his own children could turn on him and his foes would be they of his own household. Hebrews 4:12: For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. The Word of God cuts through everything and divides the righteous from the unrighteous. So, in the world the Word does bring conflict but more importantly in the spirit of a man it brings incomprehensible peace no matter what we are going through. The peace of God is internal and eternal, praise His holy name! It can't be touched by the world or changed as long as we are in Christ. This passes all understanding and is even present in the face of death. Therefore, the Word does not contradict itself. In the world the name of Jesus does bring division but in the heart it brings Peace, Love, and Joy. God bless and keep the faith!
Jason Collins
Contributing Editor
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Anna Jean ShoeAmen!

2 days ago

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I talked yesterday about being in the family of God and now I want to talk about the unity of that family. Every child of God makes up the church, as a whole but we are broken up into what I like to think of as our immediate families in our local congregations. How strong and how much influence we have as a body in our communities is completely adherent to how much unity we have in our particular body. Just as your physical families strength relies on the unity of every member with the other, so does the church. We cannot be affective if there is no unity. If we are backbiting or fighting one another that is allowing the enemy to steal our power and effectiveness. The Spirit of God cannot and will not work in this disorganized and confused environment. This is a very serious issue in today's churches and needs to be addressed and stopped immediately. We dont have the time to waste anymore and I believe we are already seeing the beginning of sorrows as spoken of in Matthew 24:8. Jesus said that a kingdom cannot be divided against itself for it cannot stand and He was talking about satan's kingdom. We know that satan's kingdom is still standing, so then, we know his kingdom is in unity and well organized. Shouldn't we as followers of Christ be in a more perfect unity and be driven by Christ's love into coming together and strengthening the church as aposed to backbiting and causing division among the brethren. We are giving the enemy power that He doesn't have and it's time that stops and we take our towns, states, and country back from our defeated foe. Let's come together and be ever so cautious not to stir up strife, envy, or division. Let us walk in love and fulfill the whole law by doing so. God bless and keep the faith!
Jason Collins
Contributing Editor
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Anna Jean ShoeAmen!

3 days ago

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Myanmar bound! This morning I will join Wendell Howse and Bobby Hobbs in Atlanta and continue our journey across the earth to visit our orphanage in the beautiful country of Myanmar! Stay tuned, I will post as much as I possibly can. Thanks for your prayers and support! ... See MoreSee Less

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Mary DavisGod Bless you all Stephen and your family while you are away. Will be praying for all of you, Jess and Babies. Take care

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Crystal TimmTell Je Fah the Timm family says hello and we love him!! I'm so jealous we can't come too! I'll eat all the bugs!!

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Byron CritchSafe travels Brother!!!

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Fuente De Agua Vivayes! please tag us on all your posts brother Stephen, we'll be praying for traveling mercies.

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Brenda Holland StacyPRAYING

3 days ago   ·  1

Geneva LesterPraying 🙏🏻

2 days ago

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We in the church refer to each other as brothers and sisters but do we truly grasp the gravity of this brotherhood? When Jesus was told His mother and brothers were waiting to see Him, His response was rather mind blowing. The Bible said He looked around at the people and said who is my brothers and mother, it is whoever does the will of God that is my brother, sister and mother. When we come into this family of God it is a very powerful and close kinship that most people wouldn't like to say, but it supersedes our earthly families. Unfortunately, some of our earthly families won't come with us to heaven so these are temporary relationships but our family in Christ is eternal. We are to have a special bond and love for our treasured family in Christ. I absolutely love to be out somewhere and not know the people around me when they start talking about Christ something is stirred in me and I immediately have a connection and love for them I can't explain. Actually, one of the signs we are truly a child of God is this supernatural love we have for this family that doesn't come from us but Him and we can't explain it. If you don't know Christ I can't even begin to tell you of the love and joy you are missing out on. Love is the beginning, center, and end of our lives in Christ. If you want to be and feel loved like you can't imagine and have joy unspeakable, call on the name of Jesus and I promise He'll show up! He loves everyone of us so much we can't even begin to understand it and He wants to pour it on you each and every day. Life in Christ is the only thing that will ever truly satisfy a man or woman. He has designed us to need Him, desire Him, and have a wonderful relationship with Him. He is good all the time and wants your good all the time. Call His name, worship Him for He is worthy of all praise, honour, and glory. God bless and keep the faith!
Jason Collins
Contributing Editor
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Anna Jean ShoeAmen!

4 days ago

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When alot of us think of Peter we think of his denying Christ. But Peter was the only disciple that stepped out of the boat to walk on the water. He was the first disciple to confess that Jesus was the Christ and the Son of the Living God. He was one of the three, besides James and John, that was with Jesus during some of the most crucial times in Jesus ministry. After the resurrection he was the first to speak in the power of the Holy Ghost to the crowd on the day of Pentecost and everyone heard him in their own tongue. He was so filled with the Spirit, when he walked down the street anyone that fell under his shadow was healed. I believe, Peter was by far the most passionate and impulsive of the apostles which served him well most of the time but also was what got him in trouble at times. Peter was definitely in love with our Lord and we can learn much by his life and his two books in the bible. I enjoy reading the differences between Peter in the gospels and then Peter in Acts once he was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Notice what Jesus said in Luke 22:32: But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. That amazed me! This was the very night Jesus was to be arrested at the end of His ministry. Peter had been with Him the whole time but did you catch what He said "when thou art converted" that really shocked me. The verses preceding this, Jesus told Peter that satan wanted to sift him like wheat but Jesus had prayed to the Father for him. I believe satan has that desire for each one of us but I also believe that Jesus has prayed to the Father for us and kept him from sifting us. How wonderful to think that the Holy Spirit is in us beseeching Christ on our behalf and then Christ is sitting at the right hand of the Father interceding for us. What a comforting realization to know that all three parts of the trinity is concerned and protecting us at all times. Let's keep our eyes on Christ at all times and not look at the storms around us and we will be protected! God bless and keep the faith!
Jason Collins
Contributing Editor
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Anna Jean ShoeAmen!🙋

5 days ago

Imac AyebazibweAmen

5 days ago

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When we eat the bread and drink the wine at the communion, what exactly does it mean? Well, when He broke the bread He said, this is my body which is given for you. So what does this signify, that we are consuming, when He said this is my body. In John 1:1, 14 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And then in
John 1:14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. Therefore, Jesus is the Word made Flesh. When He tells us to consume His Flesh He is telling us to consume the Word and we will have Him in our hearts. That's amazing! Jesus Christ is the Word of God made flesh and He has been with the Father for all time. Then, He said this cup is the New Testament in my blood, which is shed for you. What does this mean? Well, Jesus's mission was to come and die for the sins of all humanity because without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. The Old Testament or Old Covenant was given to the Jewish people or whoever wanted to join them, but was by the law, which proved no man could ever live up to and we were hopeless and couldn't make it to heaven with it. Therefore, Jesus came and shed His blood to reconcile us to God the Father. So, when we drink the blood we are accepting and agreeing to this New Testament or New Covenant which has made access for us to the Father. This New Covenant is so powerful and incomprehensible that words could never do it justice. Without coming into this New Covenant with Christ, through His blood, it is impossible to make it to heaven. His blood and the New Covenant is the only way. So consume the Word and be washed in the blood and come into this glorious Covenant with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. God bless and keep the faith!
Jason Collins
Contributing Editor
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It's by, and only by, the grace of God that we have the opportunity to be saved. We wouldn't have one speck of hope to enter into the kingdom of God if it wasn't for God's great love for us, and willing to send His only Son to die on the cross. If the Son had not been willing to sacrifice His life and to take all our sins away we would be absolutely doomed. Jesus could've went back to His kingdom at anytime and not suffered the agonizing shame and pain of the cross. He could've called down legions of angels to destroy the ones wanting to crucify Him but even they were the ones He died for. His love and mercy is unimaginable for which we can't even begin to phathom the depths. Therefore, we are saved by the act of grace on God's part through the means of faith on our part. When we hear the glorious gospel and our hearts are convicted by the Holy Spirit we have a decision to make, are we going to act on faith of what we heard or reject it and continue in our sins. If we act on faith in Jesus He will give us a new Spirit and change our wretched nature into a holy nature as His own. This is the most glorious transformation that a man's eyes have ever seen. I've seen wretched evil men who were transformed, in a split second, into the most loving God fearing men you've ever seen. His power to transform never ceases to amaze me. So please, never go by the rough exterior of a man or woman to give them the gospel because God can change that nature in the twinkling of the eye. God bless and keep the faith!
Jason Collins
Contributing Editor
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Most of us are taught from an early age to have fear. Fear is such a powerful force it completely consumes so many people. I've even heard Christians say fear is natural and God gave it to us to keep us from harm. But as Paul clearly is telling Timothy God did not give us the Spirit of fear. Therefore, fear is not from God and as He tells us all throughout His Word there is absolutely nothing to fear. Fear is the lack of faith that God is in absolute control of our lives and nothing happens to us outside His will unless we invite it. God has given us a Spirit of power to conquer anything that comes against us and the Word tells us that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Now that doesn't mean that nothing bad will happen because it will, but it means even what seems to be a bad thing to those around us watching, it will work together for good to those that love God and are called according to His purpose. He's given the Spirit of love so that when people do bad things to us we don't retaliate but we forgive them and love them which is such a powerful testimony for our Lord. Love really does overcome everything and will convict the hearts of the ones that do us wrong. He also gave us a sound mind so that we can make clear and logical decisions based on the wisdom of God and not rely on our own wisdom which will lead us into trouble and bad decisions. Therefore, fear nothing but God because He is ever with us wherever we go and He has equipped us to live a victorious life in every single aspect. God bless and keep the faith!
Jason Collins
Contributing Editor
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Where is our treasure? What is our attention and time directed towards? Day by day what are we striving for and towards? Is our attention more on our spiritual life or on our carnal life? These are hard questions but need our absolute attention in answering them. Your treasure is your most valuable possessions that you work and strive for and whatever that is, that's where your heart will be. It is so important not to be caught up in obtaining physical, material wealth, but in obtaining the treasures of heaven. There's so many crowns to strive for that are eternal and will be with us for all eternity. Anything we obtain in this life is temporal and will be left here when we draw our last breath. So, why do we focus so much on these ridiculous things that we can only enjoy for a speck of eternity and neglect the things that will be with us in the ions of time. I'm as guilty as anybody for forgetting the eternal spiritual matters in life and focusing on these temporary things that will mean nothing. God help us in getting our focus and attention on these spiritual matters and becoming completely absorbed in the things that really matter. Help us to work towards laying up treasures in heaven so our hearts will be there and not in this world. Help us to strive to obtain the Crown of Life, the Incorruptible Crown, the Crown of Righteousness, the Crown of Glory, and the Crown of Exultation. Help us to seek You with every fiber of our being and be completely sold out to You. You are worth all our time, attention, and praise and we lift up Your Holy name, AMEN. God bless and keep the faith!
Jason Collins
Contributing Editor
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Whether we are in the middle of the forest fires that ravage our west coast, or covered by the great floods of Texas, or in the hurricane on the east coast and the islands to the south, our merciful God is there! He is with us wherever our feet take us. David said in Psalms 139:5-10 "Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it. Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence? If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me." There is nothing to fear for a child of God. When we are born we are given an allotted amount of days, some many some few. But know, you will not be taken till those days are accomplished. When those days are up, we will see His precious Son with open arms receiving us into glory. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can separate us from Him not death and not any power in all creation. Let us pray for our fellow man and give them this life giving gospel that we have been blessed with. Christ is our only salvation and we as His people have to stand in the gap for our nation. Blessed be His holy name! He only wants our repentance and faithfulness. He is the only one that can stay these catastrophes. He is the only one that can destroy these plagues, such as cancer and so many others. Let's get on our knees and seek and pray to the author and finisher of our faith. God bless and keep the faith!
Jason Collins
Contributing Editor
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The vision I get when reading Chapter five of Revelations is overwhelming. I can just imagine the Lamb walking down the corridors of heaven and all bowing to His majesty. What an amazing event we will see with our own eyes and I absolutely can't wait, praise God! What a worship service this will be. Jesus is shown as the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He is shown as the pure sacrificial Lamb. He is shown as the High priest as He is the only one worthy to open and read the book. He is shown as the King of Kings as all the angels, elders, and host of heaven fall and worship Him. And He is shown as the Son of God as He is the only one worthy to approach His throne and take the book. Wow, what power and majesty we will behold when we see the face of our Lord and the glory that will be coming from Him, it is unimaginable. That song, I Can Only Imagine, has it right, we can only imagine. When we appear before the Trinity and behold their faces I'm sure we'll just fall at their feet and worship, worship, worship. If that don't make you want to run the race till the finish, I don't know what will. That will be worth sacrificing every earthly pleasure that has ever been set before us. There is nothing that compares to our wonderful, loving, and awesome God. God bless and keep the faith!
Jason Collins
Contributing Editor
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Anna Jean ShoeHallelujah!🤗

2 weeks ago

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I fear in our nation today we've been failing, at a rapid decline from generation to generation, to teach the young ones the fear and love of God. My grandfather told me, when he was young, how even non Christians had respect and reverance for the church and things of God. Then my father's generation, the baby boomers, seemed to lose that reverance and fear when allowing God to be kicked out of the schools and living in more and more rebellion to God. Well this generation gave way to my generation which seemed to slip even further from biblical truths and knowledge of God's Word. Now we are at a new generation that, except for small pockets of people, seem to have no knowledge of God's Word and is even completely and openly in rebellion against it. I'm deeply concerned about our kids and even our kids that are in the church. My generation doesn't seem to see the seriousness of surrounding our children with God's people and His holy Word at all times. Church has become secondary to so many other things in our lives and those things teach our kids that God really isn't the most important thing in the world. This truly bothers me beyond words. We are failing this generation and it is time to turn this around! My God is plenty big enough to fix this and fix it quickly but we have to get serious and willing to put Him first in everything and I mean everything. When we get willing and obedient, God will hear our prayers from heaven and He will move like we've never seen Him move. We are very quickly running out time. Eternity is at stake for our children and we must wake out of our sleep and put our all into Him. He is worthy for those He died for and our children are part of that number for which He died. Let us lead them by example and study His Word like never before. Let's get on our knees and pray like never before. Let's be faithful to church like never before. This generation is worth it and I refuse to give up on them. God bless and keep the faith!
Jason Collins
Contributing Editor
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My goodness, how many of us need to take heed to this verse and just be still and know that He is God! Take a break from every distraction and every care in this world and just dwell on the fact that He is God, He loves me, and He is going to take care of everything. Life tries to weigh us down at every turn and keep our thoughts on everything but Christ, but He hasn't changed one bit. He is the same God that walked the earth with Adam and Eve and He loved them cherished them and took great care of them. He's the same God that walked with the apostles 2000 years ago and taught them how to truly love Him and each other and took care of them. He's the same God that's walked with you every step you've taken since you been on this earth and has taken such great care of you. He hasn't changed and He never will! He is always there and He is always in charge. No matter what or who comes against us, He is bigger. Our enemies will one day bow down to our God and confess Him as Lord. Even our greatest enemy, satan, will bow and confess because satan will not be defeated, he is already defeated. Our God will be exalted, praised, and honoured by all, either now or on that terrible day. So let's be still, worry about nothing, because our God still reigns. Praise His holy name! God bless and keep the faith!
Jason Collins
Contributing Editor
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Crystal Ann MorinAmen!! God thank you that when our circumstances change,you remain! ❤ You are worthy of ALL OUR PRAISE! Mountain high or valley low! ❤

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Wanda Barton MatneyNeeded That This Morning!!.. AMEN!

2 weeks ago

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This verse goes against so much that we hear and what we've been taught from an early age. So many of us are taught if we see what our neighbors have and want it to go after it with all our might until we get it because we deserve it. But the Word is very clear not to covet anything our neighbors have but to be content with what we have. This is very unpopular in the worlds view but it is scripture and unfortunately, if we're honest, most of us have fallen into covetousness at times. God will supply all our needs and guide us in all our ways, including our finances and where to put our money. It also tells us in Philippians 4:5, let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand. It's so easy to get caught up in keeping up with those around us but that takes up your thoughts, your time, and your finances. Therefore, your not giving these things over to God and trusting Him in these areas of you life. If I'm honest, I have fallen into this trap at times and it caused me to have my attention on all those distractions instead of my wonderful Saviour. Let me challenge all of us, including myself, to start looking for Jesus everywhere and in everything, at all times. Whether we're at work, home, grocery store, or with family and friends, look for Him. Feel His presence because He is always and I'm mean always with us no matter where we go. So many times we don't see Him, feel Him, or hear Him because we are not constantly seeking Him. He is always there and we can be led by Him every step and see His presence everywhere. It will change every aspect of your life and keep us focused on the only thing that is worthy of our attention, time, and affection. God bless and keep the faith!
Jason Collins
Contributing Editor
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Imac AyebazibweAmen

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What prize is Paul pressing towards? Eternity with God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. If you think fellowship with Him is sweet now, it is unimaginable to think of what it will be like when we look into His precious face. For all eternity we will be in His presence! There is nothing we can possibly imagine that will compare to it. But we see in Matthew 24:12-13: and because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. Many will give up pressing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling, but for what? There's nothing in this world worth abandoning our God. All the world offers is despair, disappointment, and separation from God. So let us keep pressing and not be weary in well doing for the reward will be more than we can imagine. He is worthy to be sought with every part of our being. He is worthy of all praise, honour, and glory. Seek Him and don't stop seeking till you behold Him with your eyes. Praise the Lord! Let us finish the race that we started with Him and live in glory for all eternity. God bless and keep the faith!
Jason Collins
Contributing Editor
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Wanda Barton MatneyPRAISE GOD!!!!!!!

2 weeks ago

Anna Jean ShoeAmen!

2 weeks ago

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Paul was one of the most educated men in Israel and also one of the most prominent, having duel citizenship in Rome and Israel. One of the aspects of Paul, that I'm fascinated with, is his 180 degree conversion and the life He completely gave up for Christ. He said he was a Pharisee among Pharisees which was the very top religious leaders in Israel in that day. He grew up with Roman citizenship which meant he received the very best education of the day and moved in many circles in many countries. He had it made by all carnal accounts with prominence, respect, knowledge, and stature. Among men he was great in every way but one day on a road to Damascus he met the Master, and that changed everything. From that day on, Paul gave up all for the prize of Christ. He sacrificed life and limb for this calling. He said he accounted all things previous to the knowledge of Christ as dung. How many of us have abandoned our lives for the great and high calling of Christ? How many of us have sought the life of Christ at the cost of our own? We may not be called to be a martyr or give all our earthly goods to the poor but are we willing, if called to do so? The day Paul met our Lord he gave all he had or was ever going to be to Him. Will you give all to Him or will you hold back a portion? My friend, He wants it all or nothing. He says, those that love mother or father more than me is not worthy. He said, he that bears not his cross and follow me is not worthy. If we don't give all to Him who gave all to us we are not worthy. Just know that He owns it all, even our lives. If we acknowledge this and are obedient to this fact, then it will only work for our good. When you really get to know Him you will see that all you think you have is better in His hands, anyway. Bless the Lord and praise His holy name! God bless and keep the faith!
Jason Collins
Contributing Editor
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Tiffany Eric NorrisWow Bro! You have me in tears and my heart reaches up towards heaven with the words, that I may know him! Bro Eric Norris

2 weeks ago   ·  1

Happy AlexAmen

2 weeks ago   ·  1

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Good Sunday morning everyone! I pray that your day in the house of the Lord is full of rich fellowship with the saints and full of the Glory of God! We are 7 hours ahead of East TN time, so our services are finished. Enjoy the day! We will be returning to that side of the world in a few days! ... See MoreSee Less

Here is the full video of Pastor Fabian from South Africa singing 'Pass me not oh gentle savior'. It's incredible how the Lord connects people to people from all over the world. We never knew that he would join us the last night of the conference, but I am so thankful he did! As Pastor Alex and Pastor Fabian sang, the whole audience was moved. I pray it moves you as well! Watch and be blessed! ... See MoreSee Less

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Avril NaickerSo blessed this song always brings me to my knees

2 weeks ago   ·  1

Imac AyebazibweGlory to God

2 weeks ago   ·  1

Dashnie Kinnersamen

2 weeks ago   ·  2

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Vessel Of Honour Ministries added 10 new photos.

Heres a few shots from different angles of the conference as Ben was preaching! We had a total of 9 nations represented in our first Annual International Pentecostal Conference. The opportunity to speak into the lives of Pastors and Leaders across Africa was laid at our feet, and we siezed the days and spoke with every fiber of energy and strength we could muster. God has been Glorified, the Body has been Edified, and and our spirits rejoice in the fellowship of the saints! Hallelujah!
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Micheal Ballack Senyonga AsimweIt was so great. I myself attended. The messages were quite challenging and our ways were completely turned. Thanks Pr.Allan Bihebwa for cordinating for us this conference and to you Bishop ben thanks for accepting to become a vessel for the revival of african leaders and pastors

2 weeks ago   ·  1

Bihebwa AllanOhooo my God Edifying messages,life transforming oracles Thanks evangelist steven Thanks reverand zoto Thanks bishop Ben okello

2 weeks ago   ·  1

Nakiganda Prossyso great men of God your doing a great job may the good Lord reward you

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From Kheng Tung, Burma- February 4 2014

Well, just in case anyone was wondering, we are ALIVE!! Haha! Man where do I begin telling you what happened over the past few days.

After landing in Chang Rai on Monday, we headed to the hotel which was literally a stones throw from the border of Thailand and Burma, and stayed the night while we waited on our Burmese brother to come across and meet us.

Bright and early Tuesday morning we woke, and after a bit of shopping along the streets outside of the border crossing on the Thai side we finally crossed. It was quite the ordeal because non of us had visas. We were held in this little room for quite some time until they figured everything out. Once our paperwork was straightened away, we finally crossed!! Here’s a picture of us leaving the Thailand side and heading into Burmese territory:


Once we made it across, we boarded a bus and drove 4 hours inland to a city called Kheng Tung. Along the way our translator began to explain to us Burmese culture and what we were to expect. The nation is almost totally Buddhist, with a very small portion of the remainder being Christian. There is no permanent missionaries in the country what so ever. In fact, the more I find out, the more it shocks me. It’s really a miracle that they let us in! The nation has been closed to all outside influence for years. They just opened the border to foreigners less than a year ago. God has a purpose and a mind for us to be here!! It’s exciting when you walk in the mind and will of God!

So after a 4 hour drive through the middle of no where, we finally arrived in Kheng Tung. We dropped our luggage off at the hotel and headed over to where the school was to be held. Here is a picture of the church in the village where we are hosting the school:




As you can tell, poverty is common place where we are. The buildings beside the church are made out of mud bricks and straw. Wilder beasts are kept for cattle next to the church house, and children run everywhere! And what beautiful faces! The pastor of this church has over 31 orphans he takes care of, and his only support comes from somewhere else in Asia @ $180.00 a month. That’s it! He is in great need of support to help feed these beautiful Burmese children of Kheng Tung!

We began the school this morning with about 70 in attendance! The pastor told us that there has never been any kind of training come to Burma like the School of Christ. The longest pastors stay for any meeting is 3 days at the maximum. So this is something new, we will be with them for 11 days total. Pray that God pours out a mighty outpouring over this group of Pastors as we pour the word of God into them!



As I bring this post to an end (I am exhausted lol, Burma is 11 1/2 hrs ahead of TN, so my body is going crazy trying to adjust) i wanted to show you what we ride to and from the hotel to get to the school! I figure some of you will be jealous, and others will think we are crazy!lol ahhhh the life of a missionary!



Well, today’s beginning lessons an prayer meeting was a success! Pray that tomorrow the Pastors dig in even more as God beings to work! We love you all!

Thailand/Burmese Border – February 2 2014

Well, after another almost full day of travel, we have finally made it to our last stop before crossing from Thailand into Burma. But before we get to those photos, I want to show you what happened along the way!

We stayed at a place called K.T. Guest House, and to my amazement it was really nice. It beat the pants off of some cheap hotels in the states, and we stayed there for $11 a night each! Now that’s a deal!

Here’s a view of the street outside of the hotel in Bangkok:

We left the hotel, and as we waited for a cab, you wouldn’t guess what color cab we were able to flag down! It was, yes, once again it was PINK! What’s the deal? I mean, I know pink might be in for women, but men are driving these cabs!! Lol it’s a good laugh anyways!

We left Bangkok at about 12:30 headed to Chang Rai. This place has totally blown away my expectations. I had thought that most of this country was still overrun by jungle with little to nothing for infrastructure. Boy was I wrong! This place is a metroplex of infrastructure that reaches out to the far outer lying areas such as the city of Chang Rai. Here is a picture of Bangkok as we headed to the airport along with some of the airport itself:



Once we arrived in Chang Rai, we were picked up by a few brothers that traveled on before us, and we headed to the border crossing between Thailand and Burma. Again I was shocked at the hotel that we will be staying in. Not only is it massive, and the rooms really good, it’s only $15 a night! What a deal!! Here’s some pictures of the beds and the view from our balcony:

These pictures from the balcony are a view of me literally standing on Thai soil, and looking into Burma. What you see mostly in these pictures is Burma:



From what I can tell, this trip is going to be pretty interesting and fruitful. According to Thailand’s own statistics, 94% of the population are Buddhists, almost 5% are Muslims, and less than 1% are Christians. Pray for a mighty out pouring of Gods Holy Spirit that many will be drawn to Christ in these meetings! We head into Burma tomorrow, so until then, I wish you God Speed!

Bangkok at midnight – February 2 2014

After a 45 minute flight to Atlanta, a 5 1/2 hour flight from Atlanta to LA, then a 10 1/2 hour flight from LA to Tokyo Japan, and finally an 8 1/2 hour flight from Tokyo to Bangkok, WE HAVE ARRIVED! But we will only be in Bangkok for another 8 hours or so, and then we catch a national flight to Chang Rai, a city near the Burmese border.

But most of our traveling is over, thank The Lord! I couldn’t believe how huge Bangkok was when I landed. The airport here is humongous! Here’s a picture of us walking to the taxi area outside of the airport:



Bro Daren and I headed to the taxi pick up area, and quite a few of the taxis were pink! I was praying we would get a normal yellow and black cab, but guess what, yep your right, we got a pretty pink cab! Lol how did they know that pink was my favorite color?! NOT!


We boarded our hello kitty cab and made it to the hotel. It is now 2:45am sunday morning in Bangkok, and being 12 hours ahead of Tennessee, it’s only 2:45 in the afternoon there. And it’s Bentleys official birthday today!! I’m so glad I got the chance to celebrate with him before I left!

Once we get to Chang Rai, I’ll keep you posted on what is taking place, again Internet permitting! Thank you all for your prayers for safe travel, it means a lot, especially over in this part of the world.

I Live In The Airport! – January 31 2014


As I sit yet again in the Tri Cities airport, I can’t help but think that this place is my second home! After only being home from California for two days, I hit the ground running again with a trip to Thailand, then into Burma to help teach a School of Christ with Bro Daren downs. I am excited about this trip, as I have never been to this part of south east Asia! New culture, new language, and a new people group to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to! What a joy and privilege it is to serve as an ambassador of Christ to the nations!


The greatest difficulty I always have when leaving is knowing that I can’t take my little growing family with me, and that they have to stay behind. My little boy Bentleys third party was last night, and what joy he brings to my heart as I watched him explode in excitement as he opened presents and played with friends! And to know that daddy won’t be there when he wakes up has to be one of the hardest parts of missionary work. That, and the thought of being away from my best friend, my life partner, my wife for just as long. Thank The Lord that he gives us the grace and the strength to carry through these times of being apart.


Pray for us as we embark upon a new area of ministry, and follow the will if God to preach this Gospel to every creature, to the ends of the earth! Also pray for my family as I am away. We love you all!

Generation United- January 24 2014

What a night! What Glory & Power was witnessed as God came down and reached inside the hearts of young people calling them into deeper intimacy as they walk with Him. About a hundred young people came out to Generation United last night, and what a time we had! After the word went forth, young people of all ages flooded the alter.

Some came to “cut down” trees of sin in that was planted by bad decisions, others came to receive power for radical witness amongst their peers, and others came for first time salvation!! And how overwhelmed I was when ten or more came forward to accept Christ in their lives!

That’s what drives us across this earth, that The Lord of the Harvest might receive those He suffered and died for. What a glorious time in the presence of The Lord! Thank you Pastor Mike and Dana Smith for inviting us back and trusting us with your youth! And thank you Living Waters for facilitating such an event!!

What Meetings!!!- November 11 2013

First, I apologize for now getting this report out to you sooner! But the past two days (Saturday and Sunday) have been so packed that I haven’t had a chance to write!

Saturday was a day full of testimonies from former students. It was intriguing to hear some of the hardships and the rewards of their faithfulness as they went out to new areas of ministry.

One man testified of being apart of a well known gang before Salvation and attending the school. 20131111-123002.jpg
It’s amazing how God calls all men to himself. The man In the picture above said that he was headed back to his home to murder his father, and having taken many lives before this was not an uncommon event in his day to day life. He said that when he arrived, for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Shortly after, he decided that he would go into a church in the neighborhood and kill the Pastor. He said he walked into the church with his machete on one hip and his pistol on the other. But something happened. During the course of the message the Holy Ghost began to speak to his heart. It wasn’t very long before he found himself drenched in tears asking forgiveness from the pastor he was about to kill. Afterwards God placed a call on his life, and it was evident as he began to go out after the school and witness. Today he heads up a cell group In his home and is the children’s/youth pastor in his church! GLORY TO GOD!

After a full day of testimonies and preaching from Bro Daren and Brother Mike, we headed back to the hotel with our cup over flowing. We thought that it couldn’t get any better! Little did we know what Sunday was going to be like!

We began Sunday morning with a packed house!

I had the great privilege of preaching to a full congregation of Guatemalans that were ready before they ever got to the sanctuary. They had come prepared, and it was evident!


After the mornings service, Pastor Mike and I headed up to a village in the mountains to preach at a smaller Church of God congregation. I have been to many village churches in my missionary travels, so I kind of had a preconceived idea of what it was going to be like. Boy was I wrong! The church was filled with almost all young people, and the atmosphere in that church was electrified with the Holy Ghost!



I testified and Pastor Mike preached, and what took place in the after service was almost indescribable. Pastor Mike made an altar call for a those that had a calling on their life. Almost all came forward. We began praying for them, and I barely laid my hands on them when the Holy Spirit would come upon them. Many were weeping and asking God to use them for His Glory. It was a moment I will never forget!


We left the service literally weeping as God so demonstrated his might in the lives of those precious people. Quickly we headed down the mountain trying to make it back to the other service that Bro Daren and Frankie were holding at the main church. We walked in with seconds to spare!

Bro Daren preached and once again, God showed up! The way the spirit of God was working so reminded me of my childhood when God would work around that altar in Fort McMurray Alberta. I laid on the floor and wept over how grateful I was to feel Him in my life in such a powerful way! There is such a drought in the church world today, yet God has allowed me to experience Him in Guatemala in a way that I hadn’t felt in years. Thank you Jesus that you never Change!

Once Sunday ended, we all went back to the hotel and crashed! What a day of ministry! What fruit for our labor!

We woke up this morning and packed to head back to Guatemala City from Quzaltenango. First, before we left we headed out to a town called Almolonga where at its peak over 90% were born again Christians. It was incredible to be in a place where so many believed the gospel. And because of their faithfulness to Him, the produce that comes out of the gardens and farms in the city go all around South America. Look at the size of these carrots!!


Isn’t it unique that as a result of the faithfulness of the people, even the produce is blessed to grow to massive sizes! I don’t know about you, but I have never seen carrots that size in my life!!

We finally made it to Guatemala City, and now we are hitting the bunk! Another 3 full days of ministry lay ahead of us, and we must be ready for it! I will keep you updated until I get home!

Until then,


Ministry in Quzaltenango- November 8 2013

What a fruitful day! As we left the hotel and headed out to the church, I couldn’t help but notice how narrow the streets were and how almost all streets are still cobblestone. A hundred years ago this city would have been filled with horses and buggies, hence the reason they built such narrow road ways. Vehicles hasn’t yet been invented, and a horse is not all that wide.

Here’s a picture of a wide street in some part of town:


We finally arrived at the church, and what a surprise! It was a Church of God church!


Once we went inside, we were met by about 25 former School of Christ students that had went through the School somewhere within the last 15 years. Watching them reconnect and fellowship was a blessing!

We began the services with worship, and shortly after Pastor Mile Bravo opened up the meeting with a powerful message out of Numbers, dealing with the fear of going in to possess the land God has given us because of the giants that still inhabit certain areas. God really moved amongst the people.





The spirit of God was so rich as he moved amongst His people!

After the first meeting, we took a break and when we came back several students testified of their ministries since leaving the school.




It was great to hear that after so many years of graduating from the school they are still moving forward in their ministry!

Shortly after their testimonies we ate and came back down for the last service.



I had the privilege of preaching the night service, and what a time we had! Preaching in Guatemala was everything that I expected, they are solid in their doctrine an so they had no trouble backing me as I preached.


The greatest part of it all though was the altar service. Men and women came and laid before The Lord, pouring their hearts out to Him.



I am excited to see what God will do in the services tomorrow! It was a great start to an Incredible day, and I pray that it only gets richer as we move on!

Until tomorrow

Stephen McKay

Arrival in Guatemala City- November 8 2013

I have arrived!!! As we flew in last night it was incredible looking down over the country of with all of its mountains and ravines and thousands of houses scattered across the landscape.


I didn’t realize that this country was volcanic, with several older volcanoes that have not been active and yet still some active volcanoes smoking from the top. As we flew over, on the right side of the plane there were some volcanoes visible. Too bad I was on the left side!!!

After I arrived and got through customs, this is what you see as you head to go pick up your luggage:



It was great to get through baggage claim and meet Bro Daren! The last trip we made together was to the republic of Georgia in February. It is going to be a great time of fellowship! I am looking forward to it!

Pastor Mike Bravo (the Hispanic pastor at Living Waters) and Frankie Vasquez (also from living waters) came with Bro Daren. This is going to be an incredible week with these great men of God! I pray that I am able to glean something from their wisdom while I am here (especially there ability to speak Spanish! )

After we left the airport in Guatemala City we headed 3 hours west near the Mexican border to a town called Quzaltenango.


Once we arrived and got settled into the hotel, we took a walk to a Mexican restaurant. In most countries that I minister in, as soon as you venture outside you feel a kind of sense to watch your back, and watch your belongings because of the spiritual condition of the people. You never know when someone might try something.

But it was different here. Walking in the dark down the street and alleyways out into the city square, I felt nothing but peace. The Gospel has been in Guatemala for quite some time, and at one point over 50% claimed to evangelical Christians! It isn’t difficult to tell the difference between a nation that embraces the message of Christ and a Nation that rejects it. Peace or the absence of peace is the most overwhelming sense I get in comparing a nation that embraces Christianity and one that doesn’t. It’s Great to be in a nation full of brothers and sisters in Christ!

We walked through town square, where originally sat the church, the government seat, the jail and the court. Here is some pictures of town square at night. One of the buildings is the government house I believe.



After eating we headed back to the hotel and spent the night. This morning we woke and ate breakfast, and now we are waiting on our ride to pick us up and head to the church for a day of meetings. Pray for us as we begin to pour our hearts out to these great men that gather to hear the word.

Until tonight

Stephen R McKay

Central America for the First Time!- November 7 2013

As my father in law and I headed to the airport this morning through the drizzling rain, part of me could not believe what was happening. I am headed to Guatemala! This will be my first trip to central/south America that I have ever made.

It amazes me as The Lord continues to open doors for ministry. I do believe he is doing a quick work, and we must follow as quickly as He leads in His effort to let ALL know this eternal message of the Cross.

Daren Downs, myself and two others from Living waters will be in Guatemala for a week of ministry. Former students of the School of Christ have gathered for a week of meetings. I am humbled that The Lord has allowed me to be apart of encouraging the Body in this nation.


Pray for us this week as we break new ground in this nation, and also as Jess, Bentley and I will be apart one last time this year. The hardest part of traveling the globe has to be not being able to bring them with me.

If I have Internet where we will be, I will try and post each day! Thank all of you for believing in us!!

A Day of Ministry!- October 17 2013

What a day! Where do I begin to share with you what today was like! We prepared this morning for a day of ministry in a place called “little Africa”, a village on the outskirts of Port Au Prince that is home to hundreds of poverty stricken families. Haiti itself as a whole is the poorest country I have ever been in, but what we seen today topped the poverty level in my book.

We began driving through town, and it seemed like there were more people out today than any other day, or maybe we went a more congested route!





It took us about an hour to get to the village due to traffic and road conditions. We planned to give out bibles and tracts and copies of the book of John that we had prepared, along with food and candies for the children. We had no idea what we were about to experience.

When we pulled up to the entrance to the village, the children seen our vehicles and came running.




As we walked over, some of the children jumped up in our arms and hugged on us. We began to carry a load of rice, beans and clothes to the church/school there in the village.




After we unloaded the truck, we began to hand out bibles to the village people. I was overwhelmed. You would have thought that we were handing out Gold bars, that’s how much everyone literally scrambled over each other to get one!

Here is Brad Goodman trying to pass out bibles!



Here is Hunter Tester trying to give bibles out!

Here is a man that I have a bible to. How thankful they were for the word! And to think that we have bibles on our shelves at home that never get looked at, and here are people starving for the word! God give us a hunger for your word like the Haitians!

After distributing the bibles, we handed out food to the village as well. It was then that we seen the poverty. They literally swarmed us for any food we could give them.



There desperation was overwhelming. We gave them every bit of food that we had and some of us even have them our backpacks! How blessed we are to live where we live and have what God has blessed us to have!

After feeding the hungry in the village, we headed up to look out mountain to take a look at the city from above. What a view! And how it hides the chaotic mess that goes on every minute in the streets!





Here is 10 of us at the top!


It was a great day to bring this trip to a close! I am so grateful for my Pastor and father in law who has a like minded heart for missions and who made this great trip possible! It’s great getting to be on the mission field with him!


We begin out journey home tomorrow! I will post as I can on the status of our where a outs! Thank you to everyone who supported all of us in different ways to be able to make it out here a build the kingdom of God!! This wouldn’t have even possible without you!

Until tomorrow,

Stephen R McKay

Church Building: Day Two!- October 16 2013

What an eventful day!! We woke early and gathered for breakfast before we headed back to the church project. One thing is for sure, we have had no lack of food here since we arrived, and whoever is responsible for cooking needs a raise! The food has been amazing. Probably some of the best food I have ever ate while on the mission field!

Before we left the guest house today I wanted to be able to show you what a “tent village” kind of looks like. I shot these pictures from my room window of a tent village right behind the guest house.



It’s hard for us to imagine the living conditions of these people, but desperate people do desperate things to stay alive. This tent village is small in comparison to tent cities that are still around. Hundreds of thousands live this was every day. I can only imagine. We are blessed beyond words.

We arrived back at the church and immediately began working on the top portion of the right wall, laying vent block all the way up to allow fresh air to come into the building, without compromising the security of the church.



Little by little, one block at a time the walls came together! I have learnt something about masonry, and about vent block! It takes longer to lay vent block than it does regular structure block! Just thought I throw that in for those who care lol!


It was incredible to watch as both the Haitian team and our team built together! Isn’t that what the Gospel is all about! Hand in hand working for the kingdom of God! It powerful to witness!





After we completed the inside of the church building, we went to the front and began to lay vent block on the front of the church.



Time was quickly running out, so we let the Haitian masons tackle the front while we prepared to leave. In two days we laid about 1200 block! Not to bad for a bunch of amateurs! (With the exception of Brad Goodman, a mason by trade!)

While we Waited for our bus to arrive, we spent some quality time with the orphans before we had to leave. It was hard because they clung onto us and wouldn’t let us go. Today was the last day we would be working at the church, and they were heart broken that we wouldn’t be returning. It was a moment that I will never forget. To hold the fatherless and motherless in my arms and feel the need of affection from these children will leave me forever touched!



We will be headed to a village in the mountains tomorrow morning where extremely malnourished children live. Pray for us as we bring food to feed the hungry! Until tomorrow, have a blessed night!

Haitian church building 101: one block at a time!- October 15 2013

Today began on a high note as all of us were eager with anticipation wondering what kind of project we were going to tackle! We knew it had something to do with building a church in some neighborhood in port Au Prince, but that could mean a thousand things. After breakfast we all loaded up in the 15 passenger van and started off once again through the chaotic mess of traffic headed to the construction site.




As we weaseled through vehicles and over giant pot holes, we couldn’t help but notice the amount of people still living in make shift shelters built out of tarps and scrap prices of metal.

Finally we reached the church/orphanage and began to assess the situation. The Haitians had framed out a building with concrete pillars in which last year a team came over and built a roof for the building. Now they were in need of completing the building walls with block!


So we got to it! Some of us started laying the vented block on the top half of the building while others began laying whole block on the opposite wall. We all got a crash course in masonry!




Others were put to the task of sifting the gravel material to separate the fine grains of sand from large rocks for us to make mortar.



But with all the help we had, it was incredible what we accomplished in one day! It’s so exciting to see the Gospel at work, not just in word but in deed, to go and fulfill scripture as we feed the naked and clothe the hungry, and bring in those that are without into a place of refuge!

While we worked on the church, the ladies headed over to the orphanage and began to clean the children’s bedrooms!





As we walked through the orphanage it was overwhelming to see so many children who lost their whole family in the earthquake. Thanks be to God for men and women who have picked up the pieces of these broken children’s lives and who have given them hope in Christ!

We finished out the day strong with over 600 block laid! What a day! And what a sense of fellowship as we all did our part!




We will begin tomorrow fresh with about another 500 block yet to lay! One block at a time, it’s coming together! Until tomorrow, have a great night everyone! I’m late for supper!

We Have Arrived!- October 14 2013

Well, after an eventful full day of travel, 11 of us safely made it in to Port Au Prince! When we arrived in the airport last year, it was utter chaos! We had to fight for our bags after they dumped them in the middle of a room, and then we had to fight off people wanting to carry our luggage for tips!

But this time was a breeze! They have built a new airport terminal, new customs security, and a new baggage claim with actual moving conveyor belts!


As we flew in the beauty of this country from the air is breath taking! But the further we got into the nation, looking down upon the city of Port Au prince you could still see such devastation.


After getting out of the airport we trudged through the impoverished city streets of PAP. Still undeveloped, still chaotic, with hundreds of people lining the streets with nothing to do.

How BLESSED we are to have what we have! Finally we made it to the guest house, and what a surprise! It was a hundred times nicer than the place we stayed last year!

I am so excited to see what The Lord will do with this team this year! I will keep you updated each night how each day progresses!


Landed in Miami, headed to Port Au Prince!- October 14 2013

A few hours ago we flew over some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I forget how incredible The Lord created this earth, from the mountains and valleys all the way to the coastal beaches, the glory of The Lord is displayed!


We landed in Miami and thankfully had enough time to get our last bite to eat before we head into a world full of unknowns and variables, where you never know what the next meal will be! After being out of the country for a week, you tend to become so thankful for the food that we take for granted at home.


We will land in Port Au Prince in about 2 1/2 hours! As soon as we get there and in the guest house, I will update again!


Boarding in Charlotte!- October 14 2013


We are at the airport boarding our first flight out to Miami! It’s such a joy getting to fly with a group of people, so many personalities makes for never a dull moment!! Once in Miami, we will have an overlay for a few hours before departing for Port Au Prince!


So far it’s been great despite all the setbacks! If that’s any sign of what this trip is going to be like, The Lord has something incredible in store for this group!

Headed to HAITI!- October 13 2013

We began this afternoon at about 2 pm headed from Bristol TN to Charlotte NC with a team of 13 people from our church to the nation of Haiti! What a great privilege it is again to bring the Gospel to the whole earth, especially to such a hurting country.


We began the trip with an incredible service this morning and then a family moment where we all prayed together and said our good byes! After being on the road for almost 4 hours, with just 2 miles to go the alternator locked up causing the belt to melt!

Sounds like a night mare! But you know, it’s incredible how The Lord can take a disaster and turn it into a blessing. Long story short, God provided a vehicle to transport us to purchase the necessary parts to fix the bus, and a Christian mechanic at the parts store that volunteered his time to help us fix it with his tools!

The Lord is constantly reminding us of his faithfulness! Surely the foot steps of a good man are ordered of The Lord!


Canadian Non Profit!- August 16 2013


It’s a very exciting day in the history of Vessel of Honour Ministries!!! As many of you know, Jess, Bentley and I are home here in Canada visiting family and also will be preaching in my home church in Fort McMurray Alberta on August 25! But while I was here I had planned to advance our Non Profit Status from only being in the USA to also spreading out to the great nation of Canada!

Well, I just want to share that we have just filed with the Canadian Government to become a Non Profit Incorporation! This is the beginning process of obtaining our non profit “charitable” status within the shores of Canada. After we become a Non Profit Incorporation, I will then file for our Charitable status! I will keep you updated on this as we walk through the paperwork process! To all of our faithful supporters in Canada, SOON (ill let you know when) we will be able to give you a tax receipt for what you contribute towards our ministry! Thank you for your constant generosity to see us get the Gospel out to the whole earth! We seriously couldn’t do it without you!

OH CANADA!- August 12 2013



After an extensive amount of traveling and ministering the Gospel through the southern states last from July 12 – Aug 5, after being home only 7 days we now being our journey to Canada (my home) to see my family and preach for my Pastor in Ft. McMurray Alberta! I haven’t seen my sisters or my nieces in almost a year, so I can not wait for a family reunion! It’s always a joy to go home, you never know just how much you love and miss your family until you move away!

Oh – forgive the picture of Bentley and I! Lol we got 3 hours of sleep and it was only 5 am when I took it! Bentley really wishes he was still sleeping, along with his mom and dad!

Off To Egypt- June 12 2013


Here I Go again! I have begun my journey to the land of unrest once again, this time taking me to a city in egypt that I have never been before, but for same of safety for my fellow Laborers and I, I will not say.

The hardest thing about leaving has to be telling my family goodbye. Knowing that Jess and Bentley will be home without me is hard enough, but now Bentley is starting to understand that daddy is going on the plane and won’t be home for a few weeks. Man that’s hard! But I know that Christ will be everything to my family while I am away. There are no back doors to the Great Commission, the Gospel must be preached to every creature!

I have just landed in Atlanta, and this airport is becoming more and mor me familiar as it becomes my gateway to the outside world. They have built a new international terminal and spared no expense!

Here is a picture of the giant chandelier that hangs from the center of <delthe terminal:


I head from here to Amsterdam, and after a nine hour layover I will depart to Cairo. Once in Cairo we board another flight to our city of destination, finally arriving sometime Friday afternoon. As I go I will update you as often as I can, with pictures from each place. Once the missions conference begins, there will be daily reports as well depending on the Internet!

We love each of you and covet your prayers as we once again take the Gospel to every creature!

In Christ


Coal Hill Arkansas!- April 12 2013

As we travel to Coal Hill Arkansas I am still stirring upon what God did last week in Miungwi Tanzania during the Pastors Conference and Crusades! Oh God won’t you do the same in Coal Hill, that Men and Women might come to know this great creator, that those who are sick in body might be healed and set free! Pray for us as we begin a Revival there at Coal Hill Assembly Of God with Pastor John Kindrix. All we desire is that Christ be Glorified!

We have about 7 hours to go until we call it a night! We will continue driving tomorrow, as 9 hours driving is hard on any little two year old boy!



Bicycles in MWANZA- April 3 2013

We finally landed in mwanza Tanzania a few hours ago! Coming through the international airport in mwanza brought back memories of how insane it was last year! But this year it was even worse! The whole airport arrivals/customs/baggage claim area is about the size of my garage, with bags and people and chaos everywhere! But we made it through without any hangups! Below is a picture of the international arrivals in mwanza, dirt road and all!


We arrived at Assedi’s apartment where we will be staying, and fellowshipped for a while.We then headed to downtown mwanza to exchange money into Tanzanian shillings for the week stay we will be here, and also to purchase bicycles for the pastors here.


A few months before I left I began raising money to purchase bicycles for evangelists who travel and preach the Gospel. I was able to raise $1500 and with that we were able to purchase 17 bicycles in total for them. The brothers here told me that buying a pastor or an evangelist a bicycle is the equivalent of purchasing him a Cadillac. They value them greater than we can imagine, and use them to spread the Gospel far and wide. We walked into a small bike shop and negotiated with the owner on the price. She finally came to a final price of $81.00 each. Here’s a picture of a few partly assembled.


These are the best bikes you can buy here, and I can’t wait to see the faces of the pastors/evangelists that recieve one! It’s such an incredible feeling getting to be a blessing to those less fortunate who have a genuine need. God Bless each one of you that helped us in this endeavor financially! Great will be your reward! Below is a picture of the owner of the bike shop and I. She was very happy to have our business!

Because we ordered 17 of them, they will have to assemble them over the next day or so and then we will have them delivered on the last day of the conference. It’s going to be a great day!

Thank you for praying and believing in us as we journeyed out here with the Gospel. I am believing great will be the harvest of souls while we are here. I will report every chance I get!

KENYA!- April 2 2013

After another 8 hour flight I finally landed here in Nairobi Kenya! It was 70 degrees here when I got off of the airplane at 8pm! Now that’s what I’m talking about! I love the warmth, and well it is slowly getting warmer in Tennessee, it’s great just to feel the warm humid Kenyan air soak into my bones.

For those who are wondering what it’s like once you finally make it through the customs area packed with people who apparently have no idea whats going on or where to find out, and then pay $20 for a Kenyan transit visa breaking free of all the madness of a disorganized arrivals system, you begin to head down the stairs and are welcomes by this sign:


SMILE! YOUR IN KENYA! – translation: congratulations! You have made it through the most unorganized airport in the world! Keep that Smile as you enter into the most disorganized city in the world! Haha

Anyways, Bro Reuben Kyule came and picked me up at the airport, and after loading in the van we both wished that his vehicle had a set of propellers on the top to lift us out of the crazy traffic jam in the airport parking lot!


This picture above looks normal, but a few moments before it was madness I tell ya! Millions of people live in Nairobi, which results in millions of vehicles to which many do not have licenses! There just self taught drivers. Make no wonder there are so many traffic jams!

I finally got to the hotel, checked in and headed on a journey through a maze of stair cases and twists and turns until I finally start heading down a long pitch black hallway to which my room was at the very end. Can’t complain though, it was only $24.56 a night! Ahh the joys of the mission field! I love all of the endless surprises that we face every day out here. It’s what makes the mission field well….. The mission field! So many variables and things unknown. It makes it exciting!

Well, I found my way out of the maze and came for my last meal in Kenya before heading to Tanzania tomorrow. I figured breakfast would be a good choice at 10pm at night. Here is what I was served!


Two sausages, fried eggs, and a plate full of French fries! Not bad! Better than I thought! Well, now that I have had my full I had better get some sleep, Bro Reuben will be here at 5:30 in the morning. I’ve only got 6 hours to sleep. Ill post again when I get into Tanzania!

Landed in Amsterdam- April 2 2013

After a long 8 hour flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam, I am finally back on the ground! Too bad it’s 2:30 am in Tennessee and its 8:30 am here! Talk about a time warp. My body feels like I was running as fast as I could and all of a sudden there was this wall….. Lol and then I woke up laying on the ground! Sometimes the hardest part if traveling is the fatigue the time differences make on your body. But in three hours I board my flight to Nairobi, which will be at 11:15am here or 5:15am on the east coast of the USA. Needless to say, while you guys are sleeping in your comfy beds ill be sitting on an airplane trying to make the best of it!


But it will be worth it once I finally get to Nairobi. Ill land at 8:00pm Kenya time, meet my friend Reuben, grab a quick hotel and sleep for a few hours. Then Reuben and I will travel to Mwanza Tanzania together, and begin preaching the Gospel!

I hope to have the Internet where I am in Nairobi before heading out to mwanza so I can post one last time before entering.

One of the perks of flying so much though is that if you stuck with one airline, you begin to accumulate sky miles, and the more sky mile you have the better they treat you! I am gold medallion with delta working on my platinum status, which means I have free access to the DELTA/KLM sky lounge here in Amsterdam.


Which means free wifi, free breakfast, free big comfy chair to sit in….. free everything really! So maybe travel isn’t so bad! I’m so looking forward to getting on the ground in Tanzania. Ill keep you posted each step of the way!

Off to the Tanzania jungle!- April 1 2013

As I sit here in the airport at Tri-Cities I can’t help but think of the face of my little boy as he called out “Daddy I wove you” from the van as I walked into the airport to depart for Tanzania. The hardest part of the call of God is just that, knowing that sometimes we have to leave family, houses and lands so that others may know about this great Christ that I know and serve. It gives me great comfort to know that these trips are not in vain, but on that great and final day there will be a harvest of souls in heaven all because WE obeyed the will of God, you obeyed in giving, and I obeyed in going.

I will be in Tanzania from Wednesday through Sunday preaching a pastors conference to pastors and evangelists from all over the Mwanza area. We will hold two services each morning just for those ministers, and in the evenings we will host a crusade for the lost in the city of mwanza. This is a new venture for us as we head to Tanzania alone to see the Gospel spread to the ends of the earth. I covet each of your prayers for my family and I as I head out without them that God will protect and guide us as we are apart for this week.


I will post as often as I can to keep you up to date on what is happening moment by moment on the ground in country. Thanks for believing in us to send us to the nations bearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


A Divine Must – Pastor Duke Downs- March 26 2013

Pastor Downs began with his text in Acts 21:12 tonight as he began to so eloquently preach to us about A Divine Must. Each man or woman that has been called of God has had a Divine must placed over their lives, a mandate from God that burns upon their heart and drives them to accomplish what otherwise would seem impossible.

The apostle Paul was driven by a divine must placed on his life, and never once did he turn around. Though faced with danger and hardship, every trial that he came across he looked at it through the eyes of God. How could each situation be used to further the Gospel. One might look and say, what good can come out of Paul being bound and sent on a ship to Rome, only to be shipwrecked? God placed him there in turn to be the preacher and eventually the captain of that ship, that 276 men might be born again. What good would come of Paul being a prisoner? That while he was a prisoner he might preach to governors and kings who otherwise would not hear him. Because of Paul’s trial, king Agrippa was almost persuaded to be a Christian.


The trial of our lives are there that God might be Glorified in us. He allows us to go through the fire of tribulation that Christ might be seen to a lost and dying world. Like the butterfly as it pushes it’s way through that cocoon, the resistance of that cocoon is what gives it the strength to spread its wings and fly. Without that resistance, it would never do what it was created to do, and that’s to take to the sky. Without adversity and trial, we will never become what God intended us to become.

What a great message from such a great man of God! I’m looking forward to what both Bro Turner and Pastor Downs have to say tomorrow! Check back in with us, I’ll have more tomorrow!

Acts 2 Must Be Our Model- March 26 2013

Those were the words that echoed through the building this morning as Rev Darrell Turner opened up the School of Christ convention for the first time as President of the organization. What a word from the throne room of God for the church in this day and time that we live in! He began preaching from Acts 2:42 how that the first century church that was birthed at Pentecost was and must still be the only model for the church in the 21st century.

Bro Turner brought out how that in the first century there was a secular contemporary historian by the name of Gibbon that wrote about the effects and success of the church and why 5 reasons why they had such an impact on their society.

The first reason Gibbon said the church had such an overwhelming results was because of the zeal and enthusiasm of the people for the cause. The first century Christians were so impacted and changed that with incredible passion they spoke everywhere of Christ.

The second thing that made the church so effective was their belief in the hereafter. That heaven was always on the minds of the people, the blessed hope of the Gospel fueled them to the ends of their world to tell everyone about Christ and his Kingdom.

The third thing that proved their success was the purity of fellowship that was found amongst its constituents, the love and the unity that the people displayed one toward another drew men and women from every walk of life.

Fourth, Gibbons said that the church grew exponentially because of the purity found in the personal lives of every Christian. That men everywhere recognized that they were who they said they were, and that they lived what they preached. It was so overwhelming to society that it attracted a people to want to live differently.

Lastly, Gibbons said that the church grew because the evidence of power within the church caused people to gather to it. The power of God was so prevalent amongst the people that it changed the nature of all who gathered. Bad men became good, sick became well, lame became whole. Desperate people everywhere turned to the power of the Gospel displayed in the people of the first century church.

All of this was reported by a first century historian. If we are going to be affective in this generation, we must have what they had. There was a great stirring amongst the people gathered this morning, and I am anticipating what tonight will be like as Pastor Duke Downs brings the word.

Ill keep you posted!

Beaumont Texas here we come!- March 25 2013

After an incredible day yesterday, it was hard to leave the Millers this morning to begin our journey to Beaumont Texas. When you visit so many churches as we do, you form such a strong friendship with so many people, which makes it quite a bit difficult to leave because pure fellowship is often hard to find!

We headed out of the state of Mississippi at about 10 am and started down the road. Thankfully it’s only 5 hours from Foxworth MS to Beaumont TX and not 10hrs like it was from Tennessee to Mississippi!

Here’s where we’re at in Louisiana! Only a few hours left to go!


God Is Moving!- March 24 2013

What an incredible day we had today at Richland Creek Church of God with Pastor Randy & Julie Miller! God moved greatly in both services! There was a solemn Spirit amongst us this morning as I dealt with The Law of Harvest: the Benefits and the Dangers of sowing and reaping.

Galatians 6:7-9, be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

So many want to believe that no matter what decisions they sow into the fertile soil of their lives they will never reap the consequences of it, but there is a natural law called the Law of Harvest that both the planter and the reaper understand to be true. When you drive by a field yielding crop,you can’t help but be reminded that whatsoever you plant, that shall you also reap. It’s the voice of nature repeating the voice of Divine revelation ever speaking into the human heart reminding us that the choices we make today will eventually affect us tomorrow.

I ministered on What will you settle for in the PM service, and man what a service it was! I took my text from 2 kings 2:1-14. Elijah was about to be raptured, and some way by Divine revelation he knew it. His young protege Elisha was following him, and wanting to see the true condition of his heart he placed a series of Tests before him as they traveled from Gilgal to Jordan, places where it would be easy for Elisha to settle and forfeit what God had planned for him in the future.

So often as we walk with God we are faces with soft places where it is so easy and so tempting to just lay down a while. Understand that if you do, you will die. You do not have to go backward to fall into darkness, just stand still long enough and darkness will come to you, for darkness is ever moving.

The after service proved to be incredible as I watched individuals receive the baptism, young people, even children 8 years old weeping because they longed for a touch from The Lord. At the end of the after service, two parents received salvation for the first time as a result of 4 years of praying by their teen age son. God is moving! His Spirit still calls upon the hearts and lives of men, He is still drawing men unto Himself!

What a glorious time in the Presence of the King! Jess, Bentley and I were just privelaged to be apart of it!


Above is a picture of Sunday morning Worship!

Mississippi / Texas Bound – March 22 2013

Today begins a day of travel for Jess, Bentley and I as we head first to Mississippi to preach for Pastor Randy Miller @ Richland Creek Church of God in Foxworth Mississippi! If your in the Foxworth area (near Hattiesburg, MS) join us Sunday for a great day of Worship in Gods house! Then on Monday we continue our journey to Beaumont Texas, where we will attend the School of Christ Ministers Convention Tuesday – Thursday. Please pray for us as we drive about 1000 miles each way! Ill keep you updated as we go!




Coming Up to Speed – March 19 2013

Hey Guys!

I have been diligently working on connecting my wordpress Blog to my facebook page, so that everything that I post here will automatically show up there. This way everyone can follow the events that take place in this ministry minute by minute. I am getting ready to head to Tanzania in a few weeks and I would love to be able to post and show all of you what is happening as it happens (depending on my internet connection in the middle of the jungle! lol). Also, I have added Share buttons to the content that I upload or post to my website, like audios, videos and pictures, so if you like what you have seen, read and heard you can share it!

Little by little I am beginning to understand some of this! I pray that as we continue, this ministry will continue to enrich and bless your life with the word of God. Thanks for standing with us!

Last Day in Georgia: Incredible!! – Feb 10 2013

Today started the beginning of my last day in Georgia. I woke early to get ready for my ride that was to take me from Gori to Rustavi, a city east of Tbilisi where I was to preach the Gospel. Below is a picture of the Apartment building we stayed in. If you look on the left, we stayed on the first floor, the closest windows to the ground on the left. Despite the outward conditions of the building, inside was quite nice!


Here also is a picture of the Church in Gori that we have been ministering in, and my brother Daren would take this pulpit this morning while I ministered in Rustavi.


It was a foggy morning as we headed through the Georgian country side to reach Rustavi, about an hour and a half away.


We arrived at the church early enough for me to snap a few pictures of the sanctuary. This building used to be nearly destroyed. They have done an incredible job of restoring this as the House of God.



As we began to worship, the spirit of God flooded the sanctuary. It was so very strong, people were weeping everywhere as they worshipped The Lord. Here is a video (I know I’m excited to! I just figured out that I can post videos to my blog as well!! ) of the church worship team singing a praise song we all should recognize!

Unfortunately I don’t have any more pictures of the service because I was the one holding the service. But God moved mightily amongst us, about 80 – 100 people came out and I believe I laid hands on every one of them in the after service. Just about everyone came for prayer, and I do believe God did many things amongst us that I am not even aware of. What a great day in Gods house.

I am currently in Tbilisi waiting for 2:15am to roll around so Daren and I can head to the airport to head home. It has been one of the best mission trips I have ever been on. Georgia definitely has not seen the last of me! I will post here as soon as I get home on Monday night. Thank you all for lifting us up In your prayers, and for praying for our families as we have been away from them. We so appreciate you standing with us!

Youth Meeting in Gori – Feb 9 2013

We just returned from the church here in Gori where we held a youth meeting with about 20 Georgian young people. What a privilege it is to minister to the youth of this nation. Ill never forget the meetings that I was in when I was a teenager. The challenges that were placed before me to live a Godly life as a youth brought about such conviction of heart to whole heartedly live my life for Christ. The youth of this generation has never really been challenged with anything. I believe that if we begin to challenge our youth with the standards of the Gospel, they will rise up past the current conditions of pressure and live in strength and victory in a world that says its impossible.

The potential of a young person is enormous wherever they are and in whatever situation they find themselves in,only if they begin to listen to the voice of God. If God can get ahold of a young persons heart at a tender age, there’s no telling what they will accomplish if they walk in His will!

Below is a picture of the youth worship team here in Gori. They told us that they don’t get to fellowship with other youth very often, and that they get so excited when outsiders come!


I preached a message about the will of God to them, how that the most important piece of information that a human can ever know is that of the will of God for their lives. It doesn’t matter what else, but if you know his will and begin to walk in it, God will lead you along the way!


The response of the youth was great as they all came out of their seats and came forward for prayer. Some were weeping asking God to reveal his will for their life. If God could get ahold of just one of these youth, Georgia in turn had better watch out, for their in for a surprise!


After the youth meeting, we headed to Khashari, a town west of Gori to go look at a future church building that used to be a garbage site for the local community. After the Soviet Union collapsed, many buildings were stripped of its contents and left vacant. This particular building was filled with garbage up to about 5 feet high on the walls. When they purchased the building and started hauling away the garbage, they counted over 150 loads that had come out! They have now put a roof on it and established the outer walls of it, but now they need to begin to work on the inside.



What a great place of worship this could be if they had the funds to complete it. I’m praying that God will allow us this year to somehow help them work to complete this church, so that Khashuri would have a Pentecostal witness and a place to find God in these last days!

Tomorrow both Bro Daren and I will be preaching in two different churches, Bro Daren here in Gori and I in Rustavi. Please pray for these services, that God would move amongst us!

Future Plans For Ministry in Georgia – Feb 8 2013

Today was a different kind of day here in Georgia, one more of planning and preparing than preaching. So much of what goes on out on the mission field is a result of much preparation by the leadership of the churches and the missionaries in a particular country, and if you have poor leadership and planning skills, then very little will ever come out of such a ministry.

We drove back to Tbilisi (about an hour drive) from Gori and met with Pastor Quicha and his wife, along with Pastor Schmogie and our translators to talk about the future of ministry in Georgia. There has to be a plan of action in place to be able to successfully get anything done, and with Georgia beginning to change very rapidly economically and spiritually, we must be ready to both to know and to do what God would have us to do in these last days. There is no doubt in my mind that God is moving around the earth, calling men and women to himself. He has placed a vision in these Pastors hearts to begin a missionary work within their own country, to not only work within Georgia but also in those that surround. Tbilisi is like the hub of this country, its the center of commerce and politics, its where everything happens, and its here that they have begun preparation of planting a church/missionary training facility, so that out of Tbilisi they might effectively do the work that God has cadd them to. It’s exciting to see God raise up such vision and passion in the leadership here in Georgia to reach the lost. I am looking forward to being apart of what God is beginning here!

Below is a picture of us in the middle of the meeting. From left to right is Bro Daren, Ezra, Pastor Schmoggie, Pastor Quicha and his wife and Niño our translator. I’m on the camera of course!


As we were headed back to Gori we drove past an old church building on our right. We asked how old it was, it’s almost hard to believe! This church below was built in 600 A.D. That’s over 1400 years ago, and yet the building still stands. It’s amazing when you think of it, that this building was already standing for 1121 years when the Declaration of Independence was signed in what was to become the United States. Amazing!


We will be preaching a youth meeting tomorrow at noon here in Gori. Please keep us in your prayers as we bring the Word to these youth, that someone in that meeting might here the call of God and follow him at his will.

Ministering to the Church Leadership in Gori – Feb 7 2013

We are staying in a flat (an apartment) right next to the church building, so we didn’t have to go very far to our next meeting. We began the meeting and my brother Daren opened up teaching the leadership about heaven. If we are ever to enter into heaven in eternity, heaven must take possession of our life here on the earth. He began talking about the 12 Gates of the city, and how each gate represents an aspect of this Christian life. Such deep thoughts, it’s so great to have such a friend to teach me about the deep things of God!



God placed a burden on my heart to share with the people about the great necessity of having the presence of God in the midst of us, our services and gatherings, and whatever we endeavor to do in His name, He must be present!! There is such a hunger amongst the leadership for God to move in Georgia like never before. I believe that there is an effectual door that is opening up here, and there will come a great harvest amongst the Georgian people, but like I said to the leadership, God will only light upon a church that has made herself ready. If there is to be a mighty moving of Gods spirit in Georgia, then God must have a prepared people that he can move through. I do believe this will be that people!



After the leadership services we went to Pastor Schmogies house for dinner and was treated to a Georgian dish that I have never seen the likes of in all of my travels. But believe it or not it was GOOD! It’s like a doe casing with seasoned ground lamb on the inside that has been boiled until done. It has a really unique taste, but by far the best Georgian or Armenian food I have ever eaten. I forget the correct name for it but ill get back to you with that tomorrow! Have a look:

Here’s a picture of us eating at the table in Pastor Schmogies house. From left to right it is Pastor Schmogie, his nephew who is a veteran of the Iraq war, Niño our translator, Bro Daren, Pastor Schmogies wife and Ezra one of our other translators.


We had such a great time of fellowship to tonight. It’s amazing that having never met these people before there is such a connection, the same spirit that lives in me lives in them and it makes us family in the body of Christ. Pray for us tomorrow as we head back to Tbilisi for a day of meetings with other church leaders. I will probably only post once tomorrow evening seeing I will be away from the Internet most of the day. Pray for traveling mercies as we hit the highway tomorrow! God Bless you!

First House Church Meeting in Gori- Feb 7 2013

We woke this morning a bit after 7 am, thankful for a full nights rest. When you travel such distances it takes your body at least 2 days for you to even begin to function a bit normal. Last night we slept from 5 pm to around 8:30pm, woke and ate a late snack with hot tea and bread and then went back to sleep around midnight after a few hours of fellowship with the pastor and our translators. I think my body is finally starting to feel a bit better.

We headed to a village church here on the outskirts of Gori who meet weekly in a room below a members house. It reminded me a lot of Armenia, people who have not a lot of this world but have a greater possession in Jesus! Both bro Daren and I shared to that small group of people, and our words were met with such tender and open hearts. There is such a strong desire and hunger for the word, you don’t need much theatrics to make these people interested in what you have to say. If you have the mind of God they will hear and hear gladly. I’m so very blessed to be able to meet and have friendships with so much of the church around the world. It humbles you to such an extent when you begin to see all that God has blessed us with in comparison to countries like these. My prayer is that of Paul, that I may learn to be content in whatsoever state I might find myself in! For what greater riches can we have other than Christ!

Below is a few pictures of us in the house where we met the church in the village. Many when they think of the church think of a building with many people in it, but when Christ thinks of his church, it’s not a building he is thinking about, but a body of people that make up his bride. It’s little churches like this all over the world that make up the bride of Christ.



When we returned back to the house where we are staying, we had a few moments before we ate a mid afternoon lunch. Georgians definitely make sure that you don’t ever go hungry! We eat at least 5 times a day! Here is a very plush meal they have provide for us. They only offer us their very best when we are here. This meal consists of French fries and fried ham, pickled tomatoes and peppers, bread and mushroom salad.


We will be having another meeting in about an hour with the leadership of the churches here in Gori. Pray for us as we minister to ministers. I will post again after this takes place. God is moving in Georgia, and it’s wonderful to be apart of what God is doing! Thank you for helping us get here to reach out to the Georgian church!

Landing in Tbilisi, headed to Gori – Feb 6 2013

We arrived in Tbilisi around 05:10 am, and having been to the neighboring country of Armenia I was expecting to see the same kind of infrastructure and weak conditions, but boy was I wrong. Even entering in to Georgia through their customs was a different experience. Many countries you travel to don’t want you there and you can feel it, but not here in Georgia. I have never felt so welcome in a country in a long time. It almost feels like coming home here, that’s how much they make you feel welcome upon arrival. It was still dark when we landed, and after we collected our luggage we met Schmogel (one of the Pastors), Ezra (a translator and one of bro Daren’s close friends) and Nana, a sweet lady that also is a translator.

We began to drive through the dark city of Tbilisi and I couldn’t believe the conditions. It was as if I was at home, that’s how clean it was. The roads were pristine, and a lot of the buildings looked as if they had just been built. Scattered throughout the city were old monestaries light up, some dating back to the 9th and 10th centuries.


What a beautiful city! It sure didn’t feel like I was in a third world country. We dropped Nana off at her home in Tbilisi and picked up Nino, a lady that would be translating for me while we were in the country. We then left Tbilisi and headed to Gori, a city just north west of Tbilisi which happens to be the birth place of Joseph Stalin, the leader of the soviet union after Lenin. It was as we began to leave Tbilisi that I began to see what the country was really like. The capital always tends to be the best kept city in the country, and the outer lying cities are always second in catching up in infrastructure and commodities.


We went to the Joseph Stalin museum in the center of Gori and seen the legacy left behind of a man that murdered nearly 20 – 40 million of his own people across the soviet union. This statue stands right outside of the museum.


After the visit to the Museum we went and seen some of the buildings that the Georgian churches here have purchased to use as a place of worship in the future. I will post more about this tomorrow with pictures of the buildings that need to be finished. We will be going to two churches tomorrow in two different cities to preach. Please pray for us as we stand beside the Georgian Pentecostal church and get a better understanding of where they are to better be able to help them continue to grow to further reach the lost and hurting of their nation.

The Republic of Georgia – Feb 5 2013

On Monday afternoon I began my journey to the Republic of Georgia with my brother Daren Downs. After an 8 1/2 hour plane ride from Atlanta to Munich Germany, I was ready to stretch my feet a little. When I arrived in Munich, I discovered that my next flight out to Tbilisi Georgia was 15 hours away so I decided to make some use of my time and head into the city of Munich by train. 38 minutes was the train ride from Munich airport to the city center, and once I climbed aboard the train I quickly found out how complex the train/metro system was. When I arrived at the city center, I climbed 6 flights of stairs before I ever reached ground level.Trains and metros cris-crossed each other going to all different parts of the city. Without watching closely where I was going I could have quickly became lost in a maze of trains and people! It was a good thing I had 15 hours! Ha! If I did get lost I would have enoughI time to find my way back to the airport. As I began to walk around the city center of Munich I couldn’t help but notice the godlessness about the people, and the emptiness that filled their eyes. Men and women, children and elderly rushing around fulfilling there daily routine, and my heart burdened within me wondered if any of them had thought of God one time that day. Was there a voice that still proclaimed the truth amongst the German people? Had the people been left destitute without the living breathing word of God in their midst? We so often take it for granted how much of the word we have in our own country, but you really begin to appreciate the presence of the word when you come to these nations and literally feel such moral depravity on display everywhere. Yes, the moral of our nation is in decline, but without the tangible presence of Gods word in our midst, men parade such a state of being as something worthy to be praised. I’m Thankful for the word of God!

I headed back to the airport outside of Munich and met my brother Daren. We finally left Munich headed to Tbilisi at around 10:30pm. It’s so great to finally have someone to travel with as I trek across the earth with the Gospel. Bro Daren invited me on this trip to look into working with the Georgians in church planting in a few different areas in regards to buildings and gathering congregations. Pray for us as we see each need and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to know what to do with each need. I wI’ll keep you posted on the events of this trip as they happen!


Generation United, Friday January 25 2013 – Jan 30 2013

Where do I begin! Generation United service was INCREDIBLE on friday night, many young people came from the area, some for the very first time. God greatly moved amongst us as the after service began and began to work in the lives of these youth. I am so humbled and grateful to have had the opportunity to Minister the Gospel and watch youth surrender their lives to God. It was at 16 that I received my call into ministry, and so many times as I preach to youth do I realize that there could be a future missionary or minister of the Gospel here, even though they dont know it themselves. Often my prayer is that their hearts would be open to Gods call, and surrender their lives to the work God has for them to do. There is a great harvest of the earth ready to be reaped, but so very few workers. May God call laborers to the task of missions and evangelization in these last days, and reap a mighty harvest before the second coming of Christ!

Generation United Service

Generation United Service

Living Waters Winter Campmeeting 2013 – Jan 21 2013

We have been blessed this year to be able to attend the annual Living Waters Winter Camp Meeting here in Chino California. This years Speakers are Pastor Duke Downs, Pastor Don Shoots, Pastor Curtis McGehee and PastorDAvid Owens. Starting first thing tuesday morning, i am anticipating a great week in the house of God with such great men and women of God from around the US.

2013 Winter Campmeeting

2013 Winter Campmeeting

Greetings! – Jan 1 2013

I would like to introduce you to my website/blog, a place that I envisioned a long time before now, but thank the Lord it is finally here. I would like this to be a place where you as a reader/searcher can come and feast upon the word of God, and upon what we as a ministry are doing world wide. The Gospel is going forth in strength, purpose and might, and the greatest failure on behalf of missions world wide is effective reporting of what truely is going on.

I have endeavored with all of my heart to produce quality articles, audios and videos that you as a viewer can glean from and be encouraged and informed upon what is going on around the earth in terms of missions. My prayer is that YOU might know and come to the realization of just what God is really doing around the globe. Pray for us as we embark upon this enormous adventure! I promise you wont be dissapointed!